Workforce Resilience made easy

Gain insight into your business continuity from a human ANALYTICS perspective

The recent outbreak of the corana virus shows that your critical teams are also potentially at risk.


Our methodology is fully compliant with GDPR

YOUR daily workforce (virus)resilience KPI

Every day, the virus infection risks in your critical teams are calculated fully automatically by means of anonymous data patterns generated by your employees.

saved to the cloud or ON PREM

We have a high priority on security and therefore you have the choice how you implement our SAAS platform in your organization.

Choose the perfect plan

No organization is the same, so choose the package that suits you. For non profit and organizations with more than 10,000 FTE special conditions apply, please contact us.


Per month

  • 500 FTE
  • 1 HRM user
  • 1 Admin user
  • 1 Year Support


Per month

  • 2500 FTE
  • 1 HRM user
  • 1 Admin user
  • 1 year support
  • 1 API Key


Per month

  • 5000 FTE
  • 5 HRM users
  • 5 Admin users
  • Boardroom Resilience View
  • Enterprise Tailored

Frequently asked questions

With this service you are able to determine business continuity risks based on the behaviour of your employees. During the design of the application extreme care has been taken to ensure the digital security of the platform and the GDPR legislation in Europe. People are central in this. By anonymously collecting data over the phone and communicating the results to your employees, you minimize absenteeism and maximize business continuity within critical processes.

The application is free to use for employees of any organization. You consent to the use of your data which will be made completely anonymous with the latest technologies.

Yes the use of the application does not require any knowledge. You can download it from the app stores (apple and android) and, as a user, you also have the advantage of knowing the chances of infection if you are working in a certain department. Staying at home is therefore probably the most sensible option in this day and age. And if you have to go to work, at least you know what additional measures you need to live with. We have devised this service to protect employees against infectious diseases in the workplace.

The idea originated from a multi-disciplinary view of companies. Big data specialist Jan Kees Buenen (Synerscope) Cyber security specialist Igor van Gemert (resilientshield) Peter Walgemoed (carealliance) and Vincent Hoek (Context in Trust) started with the idea of a VOC from the philosophy of an SOC. After this, the service was born. 

Yes you are willing to work in an environment where data and complience flows through your veins send us an email with your resume today. From a security point of view, a screening process is part of the hiring process.

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